From fertilizers to craft cheese making: Russian agricultural technologies and equipment will be presented at the UzAgroExpo 2023 exhibition

The 18th International Agriculture Exhibition UzAgroExpo 2023 will take place from November 22 to 24 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The exhibition will feature a national collective exposition Made in Russia, organized by the Russian Export Center.

At the exhibition under the Made in Russia brand with an area of ​​over 230 sq. m will be represented by 15 domestic enterprises. They will bring to Uzbekistan a wide range of fertilizers, machinery and equipment, as well as IT products for various sectors of agriculture and the food industry.

For example, visitors to the exhibition and potential partners will be able to get acquainted with Russian sanitary, hygienic and technological equipment, equipment for artisanal craft cheese making and cottage cheese production, as well as for the industrial production of dairy, confectionery, oil and fat, and canned products.

At the Made in Russia exposition you will also find feed products for livestock farming, agricultural machinery and equipment for livestock enterprises, and much more.

Participation in UzAgroExpo 2023 with the support of the REC will allow Russian producers to take another step in strengthening cooperation with companies from Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries, increase product exports, and increase recognition of Russian brands in the world market.