List of exhibitions for 2024

The list is informative; detailed information about the event can be found on the organizer’s website.


DateName of exhibition events 
119-29.01 International Agricultural Exhibition “Green Week 2024”
229-31.01Tashkent Fashion and Textile Exhibition “Tashkent Fashion & Textile EXPO 2024”
327.02-01.03 25th International Exhibition “Construction – UzBuild 2024” Specialized section UzBuild “Construction equipment and technologies – BuildTech 2024”
407.03-07.06  Multimedia exhibition “Savitsky’s Diaries” 
512-14.0319th International Exhibition “Agriculture – AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2024”
626-28.0323rd International Exhibition “Food products, ingredients and production technologies – UzFood 2024”
703-05.0424th International Exhibition “Packaging. Equipment and materials – O’ZuPACK2024″
803-05.0414th International Exhibition “UzMiningExpo-2024” (Technologies and equipment for the mining industry)
903-05.0415th International Exhibition “UzMetalMashExpo-2024” (Metallurgy and Metalworking. Mechanical Engineering. Welding)
1003-05.0415th International Exhibition “UzTechTransExpo-2024” (Special equipment. Transport. Automotive industry)
1103-05.0413th International Exhibition “UzSecureExpo-2024” (Security technologies. Fire protection. IT security. Occupational safety)
1203-05.0413th International Exhibition “UzChemPlastExpo-2024” (Chemistry. Plastics. Laboratory and Analytics)
1316-18.0428th International Exhibition “Healthcare – TIHE 2024” 
1416-18.0419th International Exhibition “Dentistry – Stomatology Uzbekistan 2024”
1516-18.0418th International Exhibition “Pharmaceutical Industry – TechPharm 2024”
1622-24.04 International industrial exhibition “INNOPROM. Central Asia” 
1701-02.05 Exhibition of products produced by entrepreneurs – persons with disabilities
1814-16.0526th International Exhibition and Conference “Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan – Oil&Gas Uzbekistan 2024”
1914-16.0517th International Exhibition “Energy, energy saving, alternative energy sources – Power Uzbekistan 2024” Specialized section “Green energy-saving technologies – GETCA-2024”
2021-23.0516th International Exhibition of Leather, Shoes and Fur “UzCharmExpo-2024”
2121-23.05“NON FOOD ASIA EXPO-2024”
2228-30.058th International Exhibition of Textile and Fashion Industry – UzTextileExpoSpring 2024″
2328-30.0520th Anniversary International Exhibition – “Production Technologies. Woodworking. Furniture and components -MEBELEXPO UZBEKISTAN 2024″
2404-06.0618th International specialized exhibition of the beauty industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan “BeautyExpo 2024”
2504-06.069th International Specialized Exhibition of Motherhood and Childhood in the Republic of Uzbekistan “KinderExpo 2024”
2605-07.06 Lift Expo Uzbekistan – 2024 
2705-07.06 Tool Expo Uzbekistan – 2024 
2805-07.06 Solar & Energy Technology 
2905-07.06 Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Technology 
3128-30.06  Made in Pakistan 
3201-20.08State entrance exams University
3302-04.09International exhibition “Uzbek International Furniture Fair – 2024”
3411-14.0915th Anniversary Central Asian International Exhibition “Textile Equipment and Technologies – CAITME 2024”
3518-20.0916th International Exhibition “UzMedExpo-2024” (Medical equipment. Pharmaceuticals. Dentistry. Services)
3623-25.09 International exhibition of spare parts, auto components, equipment and goods for vehicle maintenance “Automotive Tashkent 2024”
3702-04.1012th International Exhibition “Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, plumbing, environmental technologies, swimming pools and renewable energy – Aquatherm Tashkent 2024”
3802-04.1014th International Exhibition “Plastics Industry – Plastex Uzbekistan 2024”
3908-10.10ZIRAFEST Restaurant business. Restaurant forum
4015-17.10 17th International Exhibition of Leather, Shoes and Fur “UzCharmExpo-2024” 
415-17.109th International Exhibition of Textile and Fashion Industry – UzTextileExpo Autumn 2024″
4222-24.1018th International Exhibition “Mining, metallurgy, metalworking, mechanical engineering – MININGMETALS UZBEKISTAN 2024”
4329-31.1013th International Exhibition “UzStroyExpo-2024” (Building and finishing materials. Construction machinery and equipment. Heating, ventilation, water supply. Interior design)
4429-31.1018th International Exhibition “UzEnergyExpo-2024” (Energy. Energy saving. Electrical engineering. Lighting technologies. Cable)
4505-07.1115th Anniversary Central Asian International Exhibition “Technologies of industrial safety and personal protection. Security and fire extinguishing equipment and systems, IT solutions and data security – SECUREX UZBEKISTAN 2024″
4605-07.1120th International Exhibition “Transport and Logistics – TransLogistica 2024” 
4705-07.1127th International Exhibition of Food Industry “FoodWeek Uzbekistan 2024”
4805-07.115th International Exhibition of the Restaurant Industry “HoReCa Uzbekistan 2024”
4914-16.11 International fair of handicraft products and technologies “Craft fair Uzbekistan” 
5020-22.1119th International Exhibition “UzAgroExpo-2024” (Agriculture) 
5120-22.1119th International Exhibition “UzProdExpo-2024” (Food industry. Food products
5220-22.117th International Exhibition “InterPackExpo-2024” (Technologies and equipment for the production of containers and packaging. Warehousing. Labeling)
5320-22.11 “BAKERY EXPO” 
5427-29.11International exhibition of agricultural machinery, horticulture, greenhouse farming, crop production and livestock farming “Uzbekistan AgroExpo–2024”
5527-29.1118th International specialized exhibition and sale of modern equipment and technologies for the agro-industrial complex “Uzbekistan Agrotech Expo–2024”
5627-29.1112th International Specialized Exhibition of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery “Uzbekistan Agromash Expo–2024”
5727-29.11 International exhibition “UzGlass, Doors, Windows & Aluminum Expo” 
5810-13.12Republican intersectoral industrial fair


5901–02.06Promotors Show Samarkand
6010-13.10SHD – Samarkand Hospitality Days
6120-22.11Build Pro Expo
6225-27.02.2025AgroPro Expo